We provide the perfect party for any occasion: Birthdays, holidays, Scouts, Graduations, Family Get-Together, End-of-the-Season Sports Party. American Kids Sports Center is the perfect place for any reason to celebrate!

Birthday Parties can be booked for any Saturday 4 months in advance. Call early to reserve a specific date and time. Invitations included. Feel free to 'double-up' with a friend of a similar birth date. Great for twins or triplets! ($75 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a date). 

Parties Offered: Gym, Dance, Ninja (Ages 3+)

1 hour 45 minute party, with exciting themes, games, obstacle courses and more! A personal party host stays with each group of children during the choosen activity. Food, fun and gift-giving to follow in our party room. All parties are located at 3622 Allen Road 93314 

Gym, Dance, or Ninja Party for 10 children - $249 
Gym, Dance, or Ninja  Party for 15 children - $294 
Gym, Dance, or Ninja Party for 20 children - $339 

1 hour & 45 mintues of party time
1 Hour of activities 
45 mintues in the party room 
Dedicated Party Hosts 
Party Invitations

Party Add Ons:
Sports Bottle - $4 each  
Additional Participant - $15

Additional Food & Beverage:
Cheese - $17.50
1 Topping - $19.50
2 or more Toppings - $24.50 
Extra pitcher of Foutain Drinks - $5 each