Customer Service vs. Customer Care

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be totally cared for as a customer along with receiving the best customer service? I bet that sounds like an oxymoron. Maybe even a bit too good to be true. Or maybe you have experienced this as a customer before! I sure hope you have. But if you’ve yet to experience this, enjoy this little read about where to head for great customer service AND the utmost customer care.

What is Customer Service, you ask?

Customer service is just that. A service. An aim to satisfy. Assistance with what products our company offers. Nothing personal, strictly business. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all! It’s just scratching the surface, really.

In some instances, say getting your oil changed, you don’t usually talk with and to get to know the technician working on your vehicle, and that doesn’t mean you're a terrible person by any means, and neither are they. It could possibly be that you both just want to get this over with so you can go about your day, or you're used to only getting this service a couple of times a year so you aren't being invested in as a customer, and maybe you, or the technician, mean strictly business. But, how would you feel as a customer if that technician showed you they cared about your simple oil change along with giving you great service, instead of just making a sale? Sounds silly, I know. Stay with me, here!

So, what exactly is Customer Care?

Customer care is how well you are being cared for and listened to by a company.

Doesn’t being ‘cared for’ AND given outstanding service sound awesome?! That’s exactly what I strive for in the Hospitality Department at American Kids Sports Center. Our friendly staff aims to get to know you and your family, your specific needs, working hard to find you the best classes, instructors, and materials for you and your child to be successful, satisfied, and CARED FOR! Being cared for as a customer means we get to go above and beyond for you. We get to listen to you. We get to find out what works for you and your family, and what doesn’t. We get to invest in YOU. And we kinda, really, love it. At American Kids Sports Center, our mission is to build healthy kids, and that starts with caring for your kids the second they walk through the door to the moment your family leaves our facility. Whether it be a cheerful smile followed by “Good morning little friend!”, “did you have fun in class today?” or simply “See you all next week!”

We want you and your child to feel cared for and like you can come to us for anything from a simple class change to needing a hair tie, to a complicated billing question. Hey, voice your concerns to us! Talk to us about how your kids are literally bouncing off the walls and you need to get them into something fun and active! Allow us to work with you and your financial situation. Help us get to know you and your little ones. Let us take CARE of your family. We welcome you to become part of our American family and hope to care for you soon!

Teresa Lubben
AKSC Hospitality Manager
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