Testimonial from Brittany Moore

At American everyone is family. We have moms & dads who step in at the snap of a finger to help with anything. Jason & Ashley have created a very balanced environment where athletes work very hard and have a blast at the same time. The coaches at American Cheer are just as much invested in your athletes' lives as you are, it puts my mind at ease that my daughters are so close with their coaches that they can go to them with anything when I’m not around. When you see your athlete improve their skills you're proud but my daughters have learned so much more than just skills since being at American & that’s why we’re proud to call this our second home. 

-Brittany Moore
Testimonial from Molly Raub

American Cheer has taught me how to work together on a team and how to put others before myself!

-Molly Raub
Testimonial from Frances Lewis

I’ve watched my daughters at American Cheer not only learn the fundamentals of cheer but also about teamwork, friendships, hurdles, dedication, and more. Cheer is more than a sport to them, it is how they learn to be confident in life.

-Frances Lewis