Values, Goals & Skills

What makes American Kids unique can be summarized into three principles.  One is a belief that we are not coaches, but mentors teaching kids life skills through the use of sports.  We believe that we are preparing kids to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling adulthood.  

Secondly, everything we do should be done with excellence as our standard.  This includes the facilities, the equipment, and most importantly, the professionalism in our staff and business.

Lastly, is our unique approach in our industry to customer service.  We believe that the parent’s experience is just as important as the kid’s.  At many clubs/studios parents are treated, at best, as an after thought, and at worst a necessary evil.  At American Kids, we spend as much effort on making the parent’s experience with us enjoyable as we do the kid’s.  Our facilities provide large comfortable parent viewing to every activity, air conditioning, and a clean environment. Parents can enjoy socializing with friends in our cafe as they enjoy a latte and a made-to-order sandwich, or use our free internet.  Just as important is the ease that we make it for parents to bring all their children to one facility and do several activities in one trip.