American Academy of Gymnastics has competitive programs for all kinds. Our girls team program has over 100 athletes of all ages. The foundation of our team is the Rockets program, which is our pre-team for ages 4 to 6 years old. Our Junior Olympic program has gymnasts in levels 2 through 10. We also have an Xcel program, which is for athletes that would like to have time for other sports and activities while still having the opportunity to compete.  American Academy has proudly won several state, regional, and national titles!

There are a few ways to get involved with our girls competitive program.  The American coaches annually hold an Xcel evaluation (this year’s date is to be determined). Our coaching staff also recruits gymnasts during Springfest, which is our annual recreational show, (add this year’s dates). If you miss both of these events, please note that we are always recruiting year-round. If you feel your daughter would thrive in a competitive atmosphere, please contact our team’s director - Spencer Raddatz at and we will have one of our highly trained staff give your child an evaluation at no cost to you!

  • Girls Teams AAOG Girls Team Corner

    At American, we have 40,000 sq./ft of equipment, which means more repetitions and efficient practices. We have several loose foam pits, a tumble track, trampolines, and many soft in-ground landing zones to create the safest environment possible for learning high-level gymnastics. Our gymnasts have won several state and regional titles, and few have even won national titles. The sky is the limit for our athletes!

    • Class Name
    • Ages
    • Gender
    • Rockets
    • 4-6 Yrs
    • Girls
    • Compulsory
    • 5yr+
    • Girls
    • Xcel
    • 6yr+
    • Girls
    • Optionals
    • Girls
  • Girl Team Coaches AAOG Girls Team Corner
    Optional Coaches
    • Spencer Raddatz
    • Girls Team Head Coach
    Spencer Raddatz

    • Maria Greggory
    Maria Greggory
    • Paola Cassidy
    Paola Cassidy
    Compulsory and Xcel Coaches
    • Ana Whitfield
    • Xcel Team Head Coach and Compulsory Level 5
    Ana Whitfield

    • Hannah Chernabaeff
    • Level 4 Compulsory Coach
    Hannah Chernabaeff
    • Lacy Pratt
    • Level 4 Compulsory Coach
    • Malania Hansford
    • Level 3 Compulsory Coach and Xcel Coach
    Malania Hansford
    • Anessa Dabbs
    • Level 2 Compulsory Coach
    Anessa Dabbs
    • Hollie England
    • Xcel Coach
    Hollie England
    Rockets Coaches
    • Melissa Alexander
    • Gracee Neal
    Gracee Neal
  • 2021 American Team Cup AAOG Girls Team Corner
    • Overview
    • February 6-7th, 2021
    • Due to Covid-19, our 2021 competition will run differently. Each athlete will only compete once, making it easier and safer for all families. We will NOT be having our usual 'Team Cup' sessions. Rather, teams can win our team titles based on how all their team members do during the weekend. Plus, a bit of the Team Cup Magic will be provided for all sessions of the competition.
    • Schedule
    • Schedule will be created once entry deadline (February 6) has passed.
    • For Parents
    • American Kids will be expanding their seating area in our 40,000 square foot facility allowing us to keep social distance and still provide ample spectator seating.
    • For Coaches
    • This is probably your only opportunity all year for ALL OF YOUR GIRLS, every level, every age, to come together and go for a team title in addition to their individual awards. TWO team titles are at stake, all based on the top 4 scores on each event.

    J.O Team Title: A combination of all your J.O. levels (3-10). 

    XCEL Team Title: A combination of all your XCEL athletes. All levels, all ages. 

    • Location
    • 3622 Allen Rd Bakersfield Ca 93314