Click HERE for our Parent Portal access for our current JUMP Booster Club members.

Our Board is made up of many volunteer parents. The board meeting happens on the third Wednesday evening of every month from 6:00pm-7:00pm at the NW gym. Parents are also welcome to sit in on the board meetings and we welcome additional support and leadership for those who feel like they can volunteer their time and make our organization even better! More hands make lighter work! Contact JUMP via email at for questions and more information.

The following video will walk you through your JUMP account and how to use scrip.



  • Who is JUMP? JUMP is a parent run Booster Club

  • What Does JUMP do? We raise money to get all our competitive teams to competitions.

  • How is JUMP different than AKSC? We are a non profit. This means all funds donated to JUMP are a tax write off. This also means funds given to JUMP can not be refunded per California Law.

  • Why does JUMP exist? We work in partnership with AKSC to help parents reach their goals and make it possible for athletes of all levels to find success.

Ongoing and Upcoming Fundraisers

  • Frugatti's Gift Cards
    • Sell $25 gift cards
    • Every Card earns your $10 in your JUMP account
    • Post Date a Check for 2 Weeks to Check Out Cards to Sell
    • Ongoing, Year Round Fundraiser.
  • Shop with Scrip
    • ​On-going, year round fundraising
    • Rebates vary based on type of scrip purchased
    • Earn money back on money you already spend
    • Take advatage of ScripNow on your mobile devise, no need to wait for physical cards
    • Physical cards ordered before 6pm on Monday will be available for pick up on the Friday following
  • Worlds Best Chocolate
    • On-going, year round fundraising
    • Earn 50% of what you sell
    • Check out boxes at the front desk at either location.

Sponsorship Letters

American Academy of Gymnastics Letter

American Cheer Letter

American Airborne Letter

American Dancers Work Shop Letter

JUMP Donation Form and Tax ID 

JUMP Board Members

JUMP Accounts Manager
Shari Hindman - 
Fundraising Coordinator
Brittany Moore -
JUMP President
Jacob Winkle - 
JUMP Vice President
Jessica Gonzales - 
JUMP Secretary
Carrie Navarro -
JUMP Treasurer
Mike Williams - 
JUMP Club Advisor
Matt Williams -
**All JUMP Board Members have athletes in one or in some cases mulitpule competitive programs. The board members listed are the officers of the board, but we are always looking for MAL representitives. MAL Reps are "Members At Large" and are key to a succesful JUMP Board as they represent the Program their child is a member of. Want to be sure your child's program is represented? Join us on the 3rd Wednesday at the NW location. 
AAOGBC (JUMP) Rules & Policies