Last weekend American Cheer took on JAMZ Nationals in Las Vegas and put on a show! We traveled to the event with eight of our teams- four elite cheer teams and four of our prep teams. Tiny Twinkles, our Tiny Novice team, doesn’t actually “compete,” they are in a non-ranking division, but looked great out on that stage! Youth Stars and Tiny Stars are both coming home with second place, but there’s a twist with Tiny Stars. There weren’t any other teams registered in the Tiny division so we decided to move them up an age group to the Mini division. We didn’t walk away with the win, but love that we didn’t walk away from the challenge! However, not only is Jr Stars the national champion, but of all of the prep teams in attendance, our very own Jr Stars had the highest prep score of the whole event and were named the Prep Champions!

And as good as those results are, our elite teams finished the event by sweeping the competition and going four for four. Jr Blue and Jr White both division champions, but on top of that, Mini Sparkle had the highest score of all of the level ones regardless of their age group, and Youth Black had the highest level three score beating out the junior, and senior divisions. Overall, it was a great time in Las Vegas! Will American Cheer keep the hot hand heading into Dallas? Stayed tuned! 

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