The start of the American Cheer season is here! After a long summer of training, our American Cheer program has finally been able to show off our hard work on the competition floor. In December we have already been able to compete three times. Once here in Bakersfield, a virtual competition, and then we took the show on the road and competed at the American Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

All of the teams are starting the season strong. Although the JAMZ event here in Bakersfield was a smaller event with not much competition, all of the teams received good feedback from the judges and were able to show off their skills to their friends and family. Next was the virtual competition where American Cheer competed against teams literally from all over the country, from states like South Dakota all the way to Maryland. And would you believe it, we walked away sweeping the event. Not only that, but we also won some specialty awards. Jr White had the highest score of all level ones not just the highest junior score, and won the Building Execution award. J-Red and Sr Black also won specialty awards, J-Red for Tumbling Difficulty and Sr Black for innovative choreography. Not to mention Sr Black had the highest score of the entire event.

Then we were off to Vegas with our all-star elite teams and performed some of our best routines of the season. J-Red, Jr White, and Youth Black were all national runner-ups while Sr Black and Jr Blue brought home the blue jackets! However, the good news continued for Jr Blue as Jr Blue also was able to qualify for The Summit National Championship in Orlando. We are very proud of all of these teams and look forward to what the rest of this season brings. Next stop, GSSA Championships taking place here in Bakersfield, but unlike our first Bakersfield event, this is one of the biggest cheer competitions on the west coast. Stay tuned!

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