First we dealt with Omicron, now it’s flight canceling weather heading into the biggest championship in the country. NCA Allstar National championship is one of, if not, the most coveted prize in our industry. Athletes and coaches would give their left arm at the opportunity to win in Dallas.

All seemed to be going well at American leading up to this prestigious competition. At the gym, it seemed the we had weathered the Omicron storm, and we were having some good consistent practices. However, what we weren’t ready for were the storms in Dallas. The Wednesday of the event the cancelations began and that sent coaches and families alike into a frenzy, the “what if’s” consumed everyone’s mind.

As flights were getting canceled, families across the country were trying to figure out any way they could safely make it to Dallas. Some of our very own families decided to make the 20 hour drive, while I heard of families from other programs flying into places like Nashville, TN, then making the nine hour drive from there, or families flying into other major cities in Texas and taking Greyhounds to the event. That’s dedication!

Long story short, by the hair on our chinny chin chins everyone made it safely, and American Cheer is bringing  home not one, but TWO NCA National Championships. Congratulations to American Cheer J-Red and American Cheer Sr Black. If you want to hear the FULL story of American Cheer and NCA Nationals, I host a weekly podcast called Let's Talk Cheer where I talk all things cheer, and this week’s episode is all about our NCA trip, feel free to check it out. Coming up next our Midseason program takes the floor for the first time this season at a virtual competition! Stayed tuned!

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